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Intermediate Pastel Nagomi Art @ Zoom

After the intro and many basic workshops, you are ready to join our art jamming to master more techniques. This is where you start collecting hundreds of Pastel Nagomi art pieces.

Intermediate Pastel Nagomi Art @ Studio
Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Thereafter, they can join the various workshops like

  • Aerial Rose workshops (for regular students)

  • Advanced PNA workshop (for advanced level students)

  • Pastel Starlit (for advanced level students)

If 1st timer wish to join, it is advisable to do the intro class before joining the art jamming.


Or they will need to follow closely with every instruction given by the Teachers. If they cannot catch up, they can watch recording. 

Join Art Peace Club at Facebook or sign up as a member at Art Peace website to get the Coupon Code for member's price! 

Art Peace Studio is located at 160 Changi Road #02-01 HexaCube Singapore 419728.

Tools and materials required.jpg

Recommended items for the workshop are listed below

Soft Pastel or Semi-hard Pastel

Basic Stencil

Art Eraser (Soft Kneaded Eraser)

Pencil Eraser

Pen Eraser

15x15cm 165 gsm Paper or Thicker
Charcoal Pencils (Soft, Neutral, Hard)
White Gelly Roll Pens (0.5, 0.8, 1.0)
Ink Pen

Cotton Buds

Color Pencils
White Gelly Roll Pens 0.5, 0.8, 1.0
Recycle Paper and Scissor
Masking tape

Recycled Plastic Container and the Lid

Used Make Up Brush or Art Brush (optional)

Fixative Spray (optional)

Pastel pencils (optional)

Can purchase the above items at Art Peace shop. Click here to shop!

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