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Conduct Workshops @ Art Peace Studio


Our objective is to popularize the arts among the general populace, fostering a sense of pride and confidence through the learning process, ultimately leading to self-affirmation and self-fulfillment.

At Art Peace, we offer the following artistic practices:

  • Pastel Nagomi Art

  • Zentangle

  • Pastel Art

Renowned for their therapeutic qualities, these art forms bring about harmony and tranquility, effectively alleviating stress and anxiety. Our aim is to imbue our students with a sense of pride and confidence by guiding them in creating beautiful works of art.

Our workshops are flexible, being conducted either on-site, online, or through a combination of both mediums.

At Art Peace studio, we strive to establish a conducive environment that facilitates the creation of art pieces.

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The following are available workshops via Zoom or at Studio 

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