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LOVE STORIES 爱の物语 2023


Love Stories 2023 was our third Art Exhibition since it began in 2019. Mr. Hosoya Norikatsu mentioned that running the exhibition for the third time is a tough task. After facing difficulties in the first two exhibitions, some might have given up. However, Mr. Hosoya highlights that, once we overcome those challenges, there's a special significance in reaching the third edition. It's a journey of resilience and learning, and Love Stories 2023 represents not just a celebration of love through art, but also a symbol of determination and joy that comes from overcoming hurdles to create something truly remarkable.

This exhibition has encouraged more seniors to share their love stories through art. They are enthusiastic and excited about the opportunity to paint and use this creative outlet to express their emotions. It's heartening to see how the event has inspired and empowered seniors to engage in the artistic process and share their unique love narratives through the medium of painting.

Venue: Heartbeat @ Bedok

When: 11 - 19 November 2023

Exhibition Photos 

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