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Angel Blessing Course
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Angel is the messenger of the Divine, a manifestation of Light, and embodiment of divine qualities. Angels exist outside of us, but more so, within us. Inherently, everyone of us is gifted with the potential of living out the qualities of an angel. What then is ‘Angel’ to you?

Do you believe in the existence of angels in this world? What does she look like? What is her task?

When I was young, I believed in angels and always wanted to see them in my dreams.

No matter which era? Which religion? There are records that angels are God's messengers.

She will gently convey the message of God in your dreams, during prayer or through other people's conversation. Have you ever experienced it?

Why not join Teacher Gina in launching her dream "Angel Series"!

Teacher Gina has always admired Japanese painter Elena Kagami, the founder for "Angel Blessings Series", and has always wanted to learn from her. She later found out that Teacher Audrey had already learnt “Angel Blessing” from Teacher Sarana, who went to Japan to study under the master, and so, without further ado, she picked up the skill from Teacher Audrey.

Is this an inheritance? I hope this "Angel Series" will continue to pass on to more lovers of pastels Nagomi Art through different teachers!

This course is non-religious.  It is also not a certifying course.  It is purely an offering of a beautiful art and a spiritual sharing. Participants who complete the course are free to create their own expressions of the theme, and to teach all that they have learnt in the course.

Sign up now! Let's listen to the angel's voice with Teacher Gina through "Angel Series" and experience the charm of angels together!

天使是神的使者,是光的体现,也是神性的化身。 天使存在于我们外部,但更多存在于我们内部。 从本质上讲,我们每个人都有发挥天使特质的潜力。 那么“天使”对您来说是什么?





不如来上 Gina 老师即将推出一套梦幻的《天使系列》课程,来了解妳心目中的天使吧!

Gina 老师向来非常欣赏日本画家伽神老师的《天使的祝福 Angel Blessings 系列》,一直想跟她拜师学习。后来得知马来西亚的 Sarana 老师曾远赴日本拜师门下,而新加坡 Audrey 老师已向 Sarana 老师学习讨教过,于是 Gina 老师特地向Audrey老师学习了这套《天使系列》的技巧。这算是一种传承吧?希望这套《天使系列》能透过不同老师,继续传承给更多和谐粉彩的爱好者!



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