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Aerial Rose and Flower Workshops

Aerial Rose is a drawing method of roses, which was originally designed by “Pastel Sora No Sanpo”. Seiko, the owner of Pastel Sora No Sampo, loves roses and drawing, but drawing roses was very difficult. She struggled with drawing roses and when she was almost giving it up, she found this method, which is easy for everyone.


Aerial” means ‘air’, ‘atmosphere’, ‘airborne’, so the rose painting is light and transparent.


Workshops available this Month

Students are to prepare own materials.

Stencil in PDF file will be mail to students.

This workshop is suitable for Adults only.

* There will not be recording.

This is strictly requested by the originator.

Can purchase other art materials at Art Peace shop. Click here to shop!

Tools and materials required.jpg
Photos taken during Zoom Class
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