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Flower of Crystal Art Courses 

Flower of Crystal is a flower-blooming art that emphasizes transparency and glows.


The Flower of Crystal Art Academy (FCAA) is founded by Ms. Rumi Ishimaru. She has a series of certification courses for students to pursue as a certified instructor to conduct the Flower of Crystal courses as shown below.

FOC Workshop chart-eng-Apr20.jpg

If you are new to Pastel Nagomi Art, it is recommended that you attend the Trial workshop - Heart Balloon, before you sign up for the Flower of Crystal Meister Course (Basic).

If you are a regular Pastel Nagomi Art student, you can skip the Trial workshop and come straight to the Flower of Crystal Meister Course (Basic).

The pleasure of doing Flower of Crystal is that you can create your own flower petals and form your own Crystal flower! Every piece you create is unique! 

In this Meister Course, you will learn the basic Crystal flower
- Yuuka 优花
- Ayaka 彩花

Thereafter, you can start to attend the other Flower courses!

Besides the trial workshop, all are Certification Courses! You will receive a Certificate from the Flower of Crystal Art Academy (FCAA)!

For Pastel Nagomi Art Instructor, after completing the Meister Course and keen to conduct the Yuuka and Ayaka, you can attend the Teacher Course.

If required other dates, please contact Teacher Audrey direct.

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