Basic PNAI & Instructive Course

The Basic of Pastel Nagomi Art (PNA) & Associated Instructive Art Course equipped you with the basic understanding of what is Pastel Nagomi Art and provide you with the skills to teach, develop and manage this art business. This certification is issued by Japan Pastel Hope Art Association.

The Associate Course consists of 19 art pieces to complete in 24 hours! After completion of the course, trainee will also get to learn 4 additional art pieces to help kick start their teaching journey!  They will receive a Certification to Conduct Series 1 from Art Peace.



在准课程里,导师需在24小时内完成 19 幅作品! 完成课程后,导师们还将学习另外4幅作品,帮助开始导师的教学之旅!

Inclusive of

Basic Pastel Nagomi Art &

Associated Instructive Art Course


  • Consists of 19 art pieces 

  • 24 hours practical and theory

Series 1 Certificate to Conduct
系列 1 基本和谐粉彩画指导课程

  • Consists of 4 art pieces
    ​共 4 幅画

  • 8 hours practical and theory
    8 小时实践与理论

  Basic Pastel Nagomi Art & Associated Instructive Art Course  基本和谐粉彩画准指导课程  

Inclusive of

Basic Pastel Nagomi Art &

Advanced Instructive Art Course


  • Consists of 4 art pieces 

  • 10 hours practical and theory
    10 小时实践与理论

  Basic Pastel Nagomi Art & Advanced Instructive Art Course  基本和谐粉彩画准指导课程  

  Available dates and time for Instructive Course​  可选择的日期与时间  

If none of the above dates suit you, you can leave your name and contact number and the dates you are available for the course, we will contact you as soon. 

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What is Pastel Nagomi Art? 什么是和谐粉彩画?

Pastel is a type of art material that can create warm and gentle tones in a piece of art. Pastel powders and fingers are used in Pastel Nagomi Art to create a transparent and gentle artwork through simple but unique techniques.


From a child to an elderly person, and regardless of levels of skills, everyone can complete a piece of artwork within 20 minutes without difficulty. The process of painting will calm one’s feelings and awaken the hope in the heart. The artwork helps one to be more positive.


The ultimate joy is experienced when one shares his/her artwork, feelings and happiness with friends. One experiences a sense of re-generation of his/her being, and discovers something anew about oneself which will gradually make way for more self-love. The pastel artwork can also be given as a gift to friends and family, showing kindness, care and giving encouragement.


从小孩到高龄者,无论擅长绘画与否,都可以在短短20 分钟内画出一张简单又美丽的图,让心境平和,唤醒内在的希望与正向。



About The Course 关于课程

The Basic of Pastel Nagomi Art (PNA) & Associated Instructive Art Course equipped you with the basic understanding of what is Pastel Nagomi Art and provide you with the skills to teach, develop and manage this art business.


Throughout the 24 hours course, you will be expose to various painting skills and techniques. You will also get to tap into business fundamentals and management skills, so you will be ready to market and manage arts workshops.


Upon completion of the course, you will have to submit 3 pastel art paintings and a simple written report within a given time frame. A certification will be granted to you by the Japan Pastel Hope Art Association (JPHAA) and you will be certified as an Associated Instructor.


Once certified as an Associated Instructor, you will be able to conduct PNA workshops.


在24小时的课程中,您将了解各种绘画技术和技巧。 您也会了解如何利用业务基础和管理技能,去营销和管理艺术工作坊。

完成课程后,您必须在给定的时间范围内提交3幅谐粉彩画作和简单的书面报告。 日本粉彩希望艺术协会(JPHAA)将授予您认证,您将获得相关讲师认证。


WHAT you will learn 你会学到什么
- Various painting skills and techniques.
- 19 different themes of PNA which consists of scenery, seasons, emotions, aroma, greeting, hope and spirituality.
- Understanding the background of PNA, its mission and vision, and the business development.
- Teaching experience and tips from the trainer.
- To assist in a workshop.
- To facilitate own workshop.

- 各种绘画技能和技巧。
- 19 种不同的 PNA 主题,包括风景,季节,情感,香气,问候,希望和灵性。
- 了解PNA的背景,其使命和愿景以及业务发展。
- 培训师的教学经验和技巧。
- 协助参加工作坊。
- 策划自己的工作坊。

WHO can attend? 谁可以参加?
- Teachers, Parents, Art Lovers and so on.
- Age 13 and above with great interest and passion in art.

- Anyone without art or experience in PNA.


Many joined this course without any art knowledge or experience. They managed to complete the course and start facilitating workshops on their own at home or at corporate. Some work with children, adults, elderly, people with special needs at home, at schools and so on. 

- 教师,家长,艺术爱好者等。
- 13 岁及以上,对艺术极具兴趣和热情。

- 任何没有艺术或曾经上过基本和谐粉彩画的人。

许多没有任何艺术知识或画画经验的人参加这个课程。他们完成了课程后就开始在家或到某公司举办工作坊。 有些导师选择与儿童,成人,老人,家中有特殊需要的人或学校等人一起工作。


Course Fee 课程费用:
$1300 (Inclusive of materials and certification fee)


Pastel Nagomi Art Associate and Advanced Instructors

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