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Background of Pastel Nagomi Art

Pastel Nagomi Art (PNA) was founded by Mr Hosoya Norikatsu in 2002. He chose pastel as the medium to create beautiful, warm and gentle-toned artwork through simple but unique techniques. It is accessible to anyone from the very young to the young at heart. It is intended as an art form for ordinary people, where beautiful pieces can be created within 20 minutes with ease.

PNA seeks to bring hope and relaxation to anyone that attempts it. One need not be a skilled artist to enjoy the many benefits it brings. These include self-fulfillment, self-satisfaction, self-affirmation, self-love, an uplifted sense of pride and confidence along with sheer joy. The process of painting will calm one’s feelings and awaken hope in the heart. One’s joy is multiplied when the art form is shared with others.

Art Peace

Finding inner peace through Art!


Since Art Peace started in 2017, Audrey Ng, the founder of Art Peace, has welcomed any opportunity to grow and popularize PNA in Singapore. To date, she has conducted over 500 workshops that have reached a varied audience base. They included participants from  pre-schools, secondary schools, corporate set-ups, birthday parties, hotel guests, elderly care centres, special needs schools, cancer support centres, the National University of Singapore Society (NUSS), Community Centres, Passion Wave, Passion Art events, Pop-up Art at the Istana and even for inmates at the Singapore Prisons. Through these platforms, she brought new trainees to observe and assist in conducting basic workshops. In doing so, they gather field experiences and honed their craft in PNA and also facilitation skills. She is happy to see many succeeding and have developed their name in Singapore. They include Simply Nagomi, The Dancing Fingers, Finger Hope amongst the rest.


Art Peace next milestone came in June 2018 when the 1st art studio was setup. This was a dream come true as it gives more opportunities to spread PNA and help ordinary people uncover their artistic talent. Aside to training trainers, the art studio has grown to be a bustling venue for PNA workshops. It has also become a small but innovative hub for new ideas to germinate and blossom. The community that has come to love PNA has grown and it has been gratifying to see them growing in their appreciation for this art form. The community is drawing closer, bonded by their shared interest for PNA, appreciating each other’s art work, affirming each other and multiplying new ideas.


To date, there were over 250 trainers, trained by Audrey Ng and Gina Lim, and over 10,000 people coached by her, all around Singapore and other countries!

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