Audrey Ng


​Art Peace was founded in April, 2017 by Audrey Ng. She hopes that people who come to Art Peace can find their inner peace through art and rediscover their love and talent for art 

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  • Art of Heart

Audrey Ng, Founder of Art Peace

Diploma in Basic Pastel-Nagomi Art & Associated Instructive Art Course

Diploma in Basic Pastel-Nagomi Art & Advanced Instructive Art Course

Certification of Completion - Heart of Mandala

Certification Meister (R-00009) from Flower of Crystal Art Academy (Japan)

Certification of Angel Blessing Course

Audrey Ng has been a stay-home-mum since Jan 2016. She wanted to do something at home and got to know Pastel Nagomi Art through a close friend. In 3 months, she managed to master the art and began to conduct numerous home and corporate workshops. She then got certified as an Advanced trainer and started training more instructors, to spread the goodness of this Art! She has helped not only housewives, but those who are in need of career switch. This can also be a form of retirement hobby or job. She has also helped volunteers to teach at orphanage, senior care centers and many more.

Now, she and her trainers are actively spreading this art to the young children and even working adults, to cope with study and work stress! She also hope that more elderly will be introduce to this art form to help them discover their hidden art talent that allows them to pass their retirement gracefully!

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