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Gina Lim

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I found my passion for Pastel Nagomi Art

in 2019 and never stopped painting! Pastel art allows me to paint anything I loved.. including scenery, animals and human portrait. 

Hope to share this simple and yet beautiful art form to everyone!

  • Art of Heart
  • Art of Heart

About Gina Lim

Gina Lim's journey into Pastel Nagomi Art (PNA) is a beautiful example of how discovering a passion can ignite a creative spark that brings joy and fulfillment. In 2019, Gina Lim discovered her passion for Pastel Nagomi Art, and her creative journey has been unstoppable ever since.

PNA has become Gina's chosen medium, allowing her to translate her loves and inspirations onto art paper. From scenic landscapes to the intricate details of animals and the emotional depth of human portraits, Gina has found a versatile and captivating way to convey her artistic vision.

What sets PNA apart is its simplicity and beauty. The art form's gentle and warm tones, combined with its accessible techniques, resonate with Gina's creative spirit. The ability to translate her emotions, experiences, and passions into her artwork has brought her a sense of fulfillment that has become a driving force in her artistic journey.


Gina's hope to share PNA with others reflects her desire to spread the same joy and satisfaction she has found. This desire to bring this art form to everyone underscores her belief that artistic expression is not limited by skill level but is an accessible and meaningful pursuit for all. By introducing others to the simple yet captivating world of PNA, Gina aims to share the enriching experience that has brought her so much fulfillment.

Gina Lim's artistic journey is a reminder that passion knows no timeframe. In just six months, she has demonstrated the transformative power of creativity and the ability of art to illuminate and inspire. Through her enthusiasm and dedication to sharing PNA, Gina is creating a ripple of artistic positivity, inviting others to explore their own creative potentials and find their own sources of beauty and joy.

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