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Zoom Art Jamming

Zoom Art Jamming workshop is meant for all age group, to develop their interest and joy of painting, and also increase their confidence to be creative!


Who can join?
Above 12 years of age, and attended the Intro to Basic Pastel Nagomi Art workshop.
Below 12 can also join, only if they attended the Intro to Basic Nagomi Art workshop. Younger children will need parent's supervision.


*There will be recording. If cannot catch up in the class, can watch recording.
Recordings will only be available for 2 months.

Join Art Peace Club at Facebook or sign up as a member at Art Peace website to get the Coupon Code for member's price! 

More information about Pastel Nagomi Art

The therapeutic nature of Pastel Nagomi Art is able to create a sense of harmony and hope from the heart of the painters, as well as to the people who admired the pastel art.


Everybody, from young children to the elderly, are able to paint a simple yet beautiful art in just 20 mins or more, regardless whether he/she is good in painting.


The results are always magical, where it is able to

  • calm down and relax the mind

  • reduce stress and depression

  • increase self-awareness and self-discovery

  • enhance self-esteem and confidence

  • bring joy and harmony to the heart, at the same time stimulate aestheticism and inner sense of beauty.

Tools and materials required.jpg

Recommended items for the workshop are listed below

Soft Pastel or Semi-hard Pastel

Basic Stencil

Art Eraser (Soft Kneaded Eraser)

Pencil Eraser

Pen Eraser

15x15cm 165 gsm Paper or Thicker
Charcoal Pencils (Soft, Neutral, Hard)
White Gelly Roll Pens (0.5, 0.8, 1.0)
Ink Pen

Cotton Buds

Color Pencils
White Gelly Roll Pens 0.5, 0.8, 1.0
Recycle Paper and Scissor

Recycled Plastic Container and the Lid

Used Make Up Brush or Art Brush (optional)

Masking tape (optional)

Fixative Spray (optional)

Pastel pencils (optional)

Can purchase the above items at Art Peace shop. Click here to shop!

Photos taken during Zoom Class
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