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Call for Artists: Love Your Pets Art Exhibition


Calling all artists with a passion for pets! We are thrilled to announce the upcoming "Love Your Pets Art Exhibition," a heartfelt showcase of artistic talent celebrating the special bond between humans and their animal companions. This is an open invitation for artists of all backgrounds and styles to join us in expressing their love and appreciation for pets through their creative works.

About the Exhibition:
The Love Your Pets Art Exhibition aims to capture the essence of the deep connection between humans and animals through a diverse collection of artwork. From paintings and drawings to photography and mixed media pieces, we welcome submissions in any medium that reflects the beauty, joy, and companionship that pets bring into our lives.

Themes to Explore:
Artists are encouraged to explore a wide range of themes related to the love and devotion shared between pets and their owners.


These may include:

1. Playfulness and Joy: Capture the playful antics, boundless energy, and moments of pure joy that pets bring into our lives.


2. Loyalty and Devotion: Depict the unwavering loyalty, love, and companionship that pets offer their human counterparts.

3. Connection with Nature: Explore the harmony between pets and the natural world, portraying them amidst scenic landscapes or in outdoor settings.


How to Register:
To participate in the Love Your Pets Art Exhibition, artists are invited to register by the end of April.

Artist Registration Options

Flexibility for Artists

We understand that every artist's needs are different. That's why we offer flexible registration options tailored just for you!

Option 1: Solo Panel

  • $350 per panel or

  • $550 for 2 panels

Option 2: Shared Panel

  • $90 for 1 A4 size or 2 15x15cm

  • $150 for 1 A3 size or 2 A4 size

Why Share?

Sharing a panel not only saves you money but also creates a dynamic display where your artwork can complement and interact with others.

How to Share:
If you opt to share a panel, rest assured that we'll curate all collected paintings based on proposed layouts. Our expert team will ensure that each piece finds its perfect place in the exhibition, creating an engaging and visually stunning showcase.

So don't miss it!

Secure your spot and choose the registration option that best suits your artistic vision.







Submission Details:
Artists must register and submit their artwork by 13 May 2024. 

Event Highlights:
In addition to showcasing artwork, the Love Your Pets Art Exhibition will feature interactive experiences, live demonstrations, workshops, sales of Faber-Castell art materials, pets-related products and opportunities for artists to connect with fellow pet enthusiasts and art lovers.


Join us in celebrating the love, companionship, and joy that pets bring into our lives by participating in the Love Your Pets Art Exhibition. Whether you're an established artist or an emerging talent, your creative contributions will help to inspire and uplift others while raising awareness about the importance of pet welfare and advocacy. We look forward to seeing your artwork and sharing this special exhibition with pet lovers everywhere.

Exhibit Rules and Regulations

In an effort to maintain professional gallery practices, we ask that artists to read and adhere to the rules and regulations, as the organizer reserves the right to refuse submission to any Exhibit and will not accept artworks that do not comply to the stated rules and regulations.

Observing the following points ensures that your artwork will be exhibited in the best possible way.

Originality and Prints

  • All entries must be original works. However, it can be shown in other exhibit.

  • Please be mindful of copyright infringements.

  • Artwork submission needs to be Pastel Nagomi Art as the main artistic style. 

  • All artworks must be accompanied by a title and a short story of your artwork.

  • All artworks must be painted using Faber-Castell art pastel and tools.


Artists are required to frame their artworks. The price of paintings will be determined by the type of frame used for each artwork.


Work accepted for an exhibition may not be substituted, nor will any artwork be withdrawn during any exhibition, in any circumstance.

Review and Inclusion in Exhibition


  • All Entries will be reviewed at the time of submission to ensure adherence to the artwork condition rules and regulations of the exhibit.

  • Each artist may submit more than the indicated number of artwork stated in each category. The organizer shall conduct a selection exercise based on the number of artists, artworks, space (etc.), and reserve the rights to final selection. 

  • Inclusion / Exclusion in the exhibit is at the sole discretion of the organizer. The organizer will review artwork for adherence to organizer rules and regulations only and reserves the right to refuse submission based on the terms stated within.

  • The organizer reserves the right to turn away any submissions that it deems inappropriate for our younger viewers or offensive in the subject matter.

  • Works with overtly pornographic, discriminatory, or violent messages may be barred from submission.

  • By participating in the exhibition, artists agree to allow the organizer to use images of their artwork submission for the printing of the exhibition commemorative catalogue, publicity collateral, book, and merchandise. If your artwork is selected for use, the organizer will inform you in advance.

Statement of Responsibility


  • All entries are left at the owner’s risk— the organizer is not responsible for any loss or damage to submitted artwork by any means whatsoever.

  • The organizer and volunteers will take all necessary precautions in handling artwork.



  • Artists may choose to sell their artworks on display.​

  • The organizer will notify the exhibitor of the sale of art via WhatsApp or email.

  • Artists determine the selling price of the paintings. 

Collection of Unsold Artworks 


  • Artworks must be picked up on the 25 June at the Visual Art Centre between 5 to 8 pm.

  • There is a one-week grace period for late pick-up. Anyone who has not picked up their work after the specified pick-up day is subject to an assessed storage fee.

  • Artwork that has not been picked up after 30 Days of the Exhibition Closure, becomes the property of the organizer.

Donations and Sponsors


  • Exhibitors are welcome to donate any amount to the organizer in support of the event. 

  • Sponsors are welcome. Please email the organizer at for more information.



  • Once an accepted piece of artwork is installed in a show, no requests for moving any art pieces, or to change the location of any art pieces, will be considered or accepted.

  • Organizer reserves the right to cancel, postpone or alter the program and/or change the venue due to unforeseen circumstances.

Important Dates


  • Artists who decide to exhibit their works shall submit the Registration Form by end April 2024 so that Art Peace has a gauge of participation. Late registration will be placed on the waiting list.

  • Artists need to bring the art pieces to Visual Art Centre on the 19 June 2024 between 11am to 8pm for the installation.

  • Artists need to submit Artist's Profile and painting's content by mid-May 2024.

Artist's Profile:

Name: [Artist's Name]

Location: [City, Country]

Bio: [Provide a brief biography of the artist, including their background, artistic influences, and any relevant accomplishments or exhibitions.]

Painting Content:

Title: [Title of the Painting]

Medium: [Medium used, e.g., oil on canvas, watercolor, acrylic, etc.]

Size: [Dimensions of the painting]

Description: [Brief description of the painting, including the inspiration behind it, the techniques used, and any significant elements or themes depicted.]

Image: [Insert an image of the painting, or provide a link to where it can be viewed.]

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