Paint With Love #DespiteDementia

Another Nagomi Art Marathon is back this Sunday and this time, it’s a Charity Run for Alzheimer’s Disease Association!

Teacher Wendy from Listening works, Teacher Doris from Finger Hope, Teacher Gina from Art of Heart and myself will be joining force again to facilitate 8 art pieces in 2 Sunday!

For $80 you donate, not only do you learn to paint 8 new art pieces, you also get to do a good cause!

Also, CapitaLand Hope Foundation will donate $20 for every participant who registers for the workshop!

So go to this link donate now! Dun miss this Sunday’s workshop!…/paint_with_love_despitedementia Note that your donation is Not entitled to tax deduction as you will be participating in the workshops in return. If you wish to receive tax deduction without participating the workshops, you can make a donation at Thanks in advance for your generosity! 💕


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