Paint for a Cause!

To attend these 4 new workshops, just go to the following link to donate $50 and you will receive an email that consists of the zoom link to the workshops! So don't miss it!

If you had already donated for the previous workshops, you have to donate again for these 4 new workshops.

Thank you in advance for your kind donation! See you on 31 May 2020 at 10am.

美食物语献公益 日求三餐,夜求一宿。 因为您的慷慨付出, 贫病或年老独居者, 可以在干净卫生的家里, 享用他们的三餐, 外加一个下午茶。 为善最乐,集少就能成多! 早餐,午餐,下午茶+晚餐,5月31号,我们陪你一起享用,线上公益粉彩大餐!同时为 Habitat For Humanity 筹款。 如果您有余力,多少不拘! 捐款热线將一直开放到5月31号,请大家继续支持,谢谢!

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