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Ignatius Yeo

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He wanted a different level of therapy and calm, which he felt it in Pastel Nagomi Art,

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About Ignatius Yeo

Ignatius Yeo pursued his visual art journey in 2009. In the initial years he went under the tutelage of a well-known watercolourist as well as a Chinese painting artist. He is largely a self-developed visual artist who fell in love with ink-wash approach in minimalist style. You will come across his distinct style as western approach with a hint of Chinese brush flavour; of lines, tones, perspective and positive- negative space for that harmonic balance of all elements and dynamism within his compositions. He has this obsession for line work. He love to trawl and troll back alleys and streets with his Guan Dao pens to walk his dot and waltz with his lines. Over the years, he had developed his own unique identity and signature style although he is still evolving due to his restless explorative and experimental nature. 

He was one of the 4 artists commissioned by Frasers CentrePoint Malls for a 22m long by 4m high wall mural at The CentrePoint in 2015. 

His works are collected by corporations and individuals including public figure in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Canada. 

He stumbled upon Pastel Nagomi art form in March 2019. He felt this art form. He wanted a different level of therapy and calm which he felt it in Pastel Nagomi. Without hesitation, he signed up for the instructive course and completed it in May 2019. Since then, he has sharing the benefits of this therapeutic form in the new phase of his art journey as much as he is benefiting from it himself. 

Ignatius Yeo sees himself as a time traveller traversing space-time-space to eat to live to eat and walk his dot.

His Classes

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